All services of a real estate agent are always paid by the seller — the developer or the owner. A contract is signed, where the commission for the realtor’s assistance is prescribed. In this case, the buyer pays nothing. If unscrupulous agencies offer you to pay for their services 3-5% of the cost of an apartment or house, do not fall for deception and look for another realtor. In real estate transactions in Thailand, the commission is always paid by the seller, not the buyer.

What does the buyer pay for? The deal when buying a new apartment is very simple. The developer assumes all additional costs: legal services, accounting and other paperwork. The buyer does not have to pay anything, except for the standard payments, which are described below.

If you buy a resale property, you will have to pay extra for some services. First, the lawyer checks the apartment or house and prepares a tripartite agreement. All legal services, as well as the costs of payment are paid by the buyer.

There are additional duties for both new and secondary real estate: registration and stamp duties, business tax. As a rule, they are paid by the seller, or the cost is shared with the buyer by agreement.

Housing condition
The last few years in Thailand, construction standards have changed: footage, design, building materials, quality of construction. Most developers are now building complexes specifically for investment. It is understood that the owner of the property will rent it out and receive passive income.

Modern apartments are similar to hotel rooms and are sold already finished and furnished. For resort properties, a studio or 1-bedroom apartment is sufficient, which can accommodate a family of 4 people. For a comfortable stay for several weeks, this property has everything you need: a kitchen, a washing machine, etc. At the same time, the developer gives guarantees for new housing, which are prescribed in the contract. For example, bearing structures are guaranteed for 5 years, for windows and doors — 2 years.

On the other hand, the construction of elite real estate is now developing. Villas with a garden and a private pool in the future will bring good rental income, and the properties themselves will grow in value.

Secondary housing, built more than 6-7 years ago, was bought mainly for their own living or recreation. Then they built spacious apartments and houses with several bedrooms. The condition of such real estate depends on how it was maintained. If the house or apartment is often rented out, redecoration, replacement of the air conditioner or other manipulations may be required. As a rule, secondary housing is sold with all furniture and appliances.