Ashtrays in — bohemia cut crystal E-shop

If among those close to you there are those who smoke, an unusual ashtray or lighter would be a good option for a gift. How to choose them? We will talk about this today.

Before choosing the lighter itself, you need to decide what it is for: for a pipe, for cigars or for regular cigarettes. Each of them has its own differences, which are important to consider.

In E-shop you can buy Bohemia Crystal ashtrays made in the Czech Republic, decorated with molding smalt, gold and classic hand-cut:!

Bohemian glass is hand-blown by Czech glassblowers from a special composition, which includes not only sand, but also metal oxides, so it is light and crystal clear, just like crystal has reflections in the sun. Different metals are added to the glass to give it a color from red, green to blue and azure, and they also use a new technology to burn different shades on the glass itself.


A quality lighter is sold unfilled for safe transportation. If you decide to purchase a product from a well-known manufacturer, in order to avoid buying a cheap fake for a high price, you need to ask the seller, or study the issue in detail and find out what features the original has. But it is best to buy a certified product on the manufacturer’s official website.


The quality of an ashtray determines how strong and heat-resistant the material is chosen for its manufacture. If you see an ashtray with plastic elements or covered with paint, this is most likely a low-quality product that will quickly lose its appearance. It is also undesirable to choose an ashtray made of thin material that easily conducts heat. It will leave a mark on the surface with constant and active use.

A quality ashtray made of dense organic material. For example, an Bohemia Crystal ashtray above is made of natural crystal with the addition of metal elements. When using it, there is no chance of getting burned if you hold the container in your hands while smoking.

Lower cost, but ceramic ashtrays have a huge variety. They also have excellent heat resistance and will last a long time.

Following these simple recommendations, you can choose a high-quality and useful gift for a smoker.